Digital Media Center Is Operating and Serving our Youth. The Foundation is proud of our Digital Media Center – the top item on our 2016 wish list – opened July 5, 2016.  Thanks to the generosity of a first-time Foundation donor, Heath Windcliff, the Center is not only equipped with the latest Apple technology, it… Read More

While hundreds of people visit the Library in person everyday, thousands visit the Library online. The new Library website, funded by a grant from the Foundation, is easier to use than ever; and there is a vast amount of information at your fingertips. You can download and borrow books from the 3M Cloud Library and… Read More

Nationwide, libraries are busier than ever, and the NRPL is no exception. In-person visits, programming and attendance are at all time highs. In fact, the last ten years has witnessed a 20% increase in library visits. Our Library continues to be at the center of New Rochelle life, serving the diverse needs of our community,… Read More